03 October 2014

Amsterdam: Pretty and delightful

I am still dumbstruck. And it is going to be like this for weeks I suppose. When I think of Amsterdam, I feel my breath is taken away, in a good way. The place is famous for other things but not so many people really talk about how pretty it is.

I had not googled for photos of Amsterdam, which was unlikely of me. But while we walked along the canals, there was a familiar vibe as if I had stepped inside a painting. Autumn started to turn trees into gold and rust, while the white fluffy clouds made the light blue skies more picturesque. Bicycles sprouted everywhere as if it had previously rained wheels and pedals.

I had only intended to visit Van Gogh's museum when my aunt spoke of a visit to the city. I had thought of Anne Frank too but there was probably a lot others wanting to see her hiding place. I had taken so many random photos including that of people standing a long queue to a building that had a facade very much like the Anne Frank House. Later I realized that the buildings looked very much the same.

I searched for my favorite Van Houten chocolate brand in every store but later learned that it is just a name now and a different company makes the chocolate bars. I had forgotten about the John Green book I read. I opted not to see the movie which is a good thing. But eventually did on my way back home. Anything that reminds me of Amsterdam I could hardly resist for now.

I went into the city with an almost empty mind, a free spirit and good company of course. To not expect anything but be delighted in everything was pure bliss. Or, it must have been just a tropical girl reunited with autumn.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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