22 October 2014

A day inside the Burg Castle

We drove a few minutes from my aunt's home to the Burg Castle in Solingen. It was something I was excited about since I have not really been inside an old castle before. I would have to say that the day turned from exciting to creepy.

There were tons to see but I only started clicking my shutter button much later when I realized that the castle was much bigger than it looks from the facade. I do not have a photo of the castle from far away so it was difficult to tell how huge the place was.

All those things said of the iron masks and dark passages where Sleeping Beauty apparently pricked her finger on a needle seem to be all true. I used to just read about them. And more dark things like holes where aborted babies are thrown out was disgusting. But of course it wasn't all scary. Life within the castle seemed to have everything including basic things such as chicken farms, textile making to armory. Of course today, there are restaurants and shops where visitors can buy fine goods such as handspun yarn, wolf hair brushes and even antiques.

I made to the top of the castle with my heeled boot and took a fine shot, at least it was for me. Again, I wished I had a wide-angled lens. I wanted to stay there for a while but my nephew kept on calling me. He always does that especially when he thinks I have taken too much photos when I should already be eating instead.

We grabbed a few sausages before heading back home. I felt like heading into one of the cozy looking restaurants for a beer. But my aunt was making her special tofu curry dish so we all headed back home waiting for it. I don't know what it is called because she concocted it. That is something I can't get anywhere else.

Location: Burg Castle, Solingen, Germany

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