24 August 2014

An afternoon at the beach

I am certain about some things - that the beach is always lovely no matter the color of the sand, that the the sunset on the beach is always romantic, and that the right company makes everything seem perfect.

It was late but we still had time to drive to the beach, because everyone decided that everything else can be put off. The love of my life, his niece, his nephew and I spent a brief time at the beach though we had no itinerary planned. It was a warm day and some breeze from the gulf might help to soothe the skin from the hot and humid air.  When we arrived, there was just us and a few motorists though earlier during daybreak there were fishermen who worked hard to catch fresh fish for breakfast that day.

I took my bulky camera out and decided to take a few snapshots. My face was still puffed due to my surgery but that did not stop me from smiling from ear to ear. It was difficult resisting to laugh with people who make you feel lighter than air. The sun went down the horizon too quickly and I wished we could stay. But we had not prepared for a bonfire and everyone at home was waiting for us to join the dinner party. 

The beach was no Boracay. The dinner party was nothing like dancing on the rooftop. What we had was good food and our loved ones. When you've been out and about, it is easier to appreciate the most important things in life. And I thank God for always puling me back to the ground.

Location: San Isidro, Davao Oriental, Philippines

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