04 August 2014

Random thought: A feeling

There is that feeling which I could not entirely describe. It feels like the comfort of sunshine through the window after a long, dark and stormy night. It feels like getting into warm dry clothes after being soaked in the rain.

There had many storms in my life -- some with rain that fall from the sky and some with tears that silently fall from the soul. All of which I have weathered since I am alive and well as of this writing. My skies are bright blue right now and I like it that way. But even if it is raining or if the sky is overcast, I insist that the sun is always shining fiercely. Science can prove that.

Indeed it is true, that there is a calm before the storm. It is when you feel empty and nothing. And soon after, the rain comes to torment you but it also washes away the tears. Then the rainbow. Light breaks itself into its visible form just so you could see that life means more than it seems.

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