28 July 2014

Tanjong Pagar: Ridiculously priced wedding gowns and fluffy desserts

Last month, my sister and I decided to visit Tanjong Pagar after she learned about the wedding boutiques. Clueless about what we were to find out, we headed on a Sunday to the historic district with not much in mind but a carefree spirit. There was no itinerary whatsoever so an hour's trip to the south would not hurt. It also felt like a good time to get lost. It has always been that I like to go to places in the city which I do not frequent and pretend to be a tourist. In Singapore, that is not a challenge because it is relatively safe and because no one ever gets lost. The visible street signs and Google maps will make sure of that.

We went inside the first wedding boutique we found. And yes, the dresses were lovely and delicate. The sales lady took one of the dresses out of the bags for me to hold. She wanted me to try it on. I didn't want to because I had no desire of tearing the lace in case I accidentally stepped on it in the dressing room. I asked how much the French-style wedding gown would cost and she said it was SGD 1,800 for rental. When she asked me if it was within my budget, I nodded though my head barely moved and actually almost choked myself. She would sell the dress for a staggering SGD 5,000. Is this why people are not getting married? All these numbers made me feel like I was about to faint. I am not really convinced of buying very expensive things that I only get to wear once. I must have come from another planet. Even my mom thinks I am too practical. But in a good way, I believe.

We went past all other shops and browsed through the lookbooks on display and watched through the windows. I lost all desires to step into the stores so we walked all the way to the edge of the street where the restaurants were. Finally, some food scene.

It was not even dinner time yet and both my sister felt full. We had stuffed ourselves with lots of home cooked food before leaving the house. The Korean buffets were very attractive but there was not enough room for more meat. Cold beer looks inviting but we were looking for something sweet. Then came a cute little cafe with all the alluring photos of snow ice. On the door, it said "Fluffy Dessert."

The dainty decors on the walls kept us occupied. The menu insists that snow ice is not ice cream. It reminded me of the hawker-style ice kachang but this must be a lot better. Too much sugar on my shaved ice is not really how I want it. So I ordered Milo snow ice while sister ordered Taiwanese milk tea. We also decided to get ham and cheese sandwich with seaweed-flavored potato chips on the side. We were literally swooning after every scoop, bite and sip. We must have been hungry all along but I am sure it is because the food was just honestly good.

We left the place just as the sun started to set. There were more people coming into the shop for what seem to be a private party coming up. Sister went on to another rendezvous which I was also invited to but decided to skip. The train ride home felt like eternity but it gave me enough time to think about the ridiculously priced wedding gowns and the surprisingly affordable fluffy desserts.

Location: Tanjong Pagar

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