26 July 2014

Cafe Talk: Sitting in fancy coffee shops and some truth about it

Brother and I spent a few hours sitting inside the cafe while we let Singapore skies cry in the morning. We realized we were hungry after walking along Boat Quay where I'd hope to find a hawker and have my usual teh tarik or teh-C. Eventually, we reached The Fullerton Waterboat House where they housed the city's 100th Starbucks store. That makes this branch sound fancy. But brother taught me that they serve Starbucks Reserve coffees which makes it special, none of which I am familiar with since I mostly go with tea lattes these days. I honestly think that I like going to coffee houses because of the furniture and less bout the drink.

We stepped into the shop hoping to get a seat by the window on the edge of the room but the sunlight was too harsh. Rain only came in much later which was already too late because by then a few other people have taken our favored seats. In the middle of the room was a very comfortable sofa, which of course was almost never emptied. As usual, people had there heads looking down to their phones which is a bit sad I think. But you would understand that some of them are like me too -- using technology to reach their families.

The rain kept us locked in the building but also gave us more time to talk. My brother always like visiting Singapore because it is very tidy, rich and seems perfect. He always compares it to Manila which I think is a lot of contrast since I couldn't even imagine myself living in Manila. I can only say that living here is more about efficiency and comfort but it does not always translate to happiness. There is not much I could say to him because right now I am biased and my heart longs to be somewhere else.

Sitting in coffee shops just to chat sounds fancy and feels like living the dream. But the truth is, my heart longs for company. Every chance I get to spend with my loved ones I would take, even if it means having to spend a fortune to sit on good furniture just to have plain milk tea. I guess these fancy coffee shops are going to stick around as long as people like me exist.

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