25 July 2014

Birthday weekend on the 57th floor: KU DÉ TA Singapore

My younger sister turned a year older but I and my siblings felt that we've never aged. Brother came over the weekend just to spend time with us and there was nothing better than being on top of the world while watching the sun slowly retire below the horizon. Chilling in the roofless lounge felt posh but you are never left out. Different people in tourist clothes or party heels go in and out of the place either to have a cold beer or to just take photos of the skyline or the sunset.

We looked as if we've behaved but there was actually too much excitement that we couldn't get enough of taking photos. The furniture were also very comfortable. We wished we could stretch our legs and have a nap while the rest of the world below is busy. The place is also romantic and the music is not too loud when daylight is still out so you can relax and have a chitchat. You don't even have to order food because free chips will eventually find its way to your table. Yes, it might feel like a shallow weekend but actually not. Spending time with your loved ones already proves it.

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