25 July 2014

A trip down Haji Lane

It rained in the morning while sipping our iced drinks in the cafe. We'd thought that it was going to be a not-so-tourist friendly weekend for my brother. But the sky cleared so we decided to go down to Haji Lane. I have heard of this place before and have seen fashion blog photos of chic people walk this street. Curiosity stirred the trip though my brother and I are hardly hardcore fashionistas. I heard of coffee shops too so it must be worth the visit.

We were greeted with colorful buildings that contained tiny shops that sell clothes, accessories, decors and a lot other artsy stuff that you could think of. I find them pretty but some are little too expensive for me. I must say there are good finds too but the day's budget was enough for window shopping and cold drinks.

Parallel to Haji Lane is Arab street which I have been to once before at night. During the day, it was totally different but it is worth visiting if you are looking for textiles. There was none of the buzzing life that we usually find at night so we headed back to Haji Lane through one of the small alleys.

The alleys were not excused from the art scene. Beautifully crafted graffiti graced the walls. We then headed to one of the burger joints to get a quick fix. Both my brother and I have had not enough sleep so it was great relief to just be able to sit down. We didn't order burger though. Calamari sounded more interesting and two larged-sized cups of cold, thirst-quenching citrus drinks.

Location: Haji Lane, Singapore

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