22 June 2014

Cafe talk: Arnold Palmer and other thoughts

It is Sunday and I had not intentionally planned to be sitting here in the cafe. I had expected to be still engaged in my first appointment but for reasons valid I was not received. I am perfectly fine and now I am waiting for my second appointment which does not happen until an hour from now. I wished there was a soft bed right next to my hard chair so I can stretch my legs and get some nap time. Going back home is equivalent to boarding a plane from my hometown to Cebu City. So it is better that I wait here and let my busy brain unleash itself.

Since two nights ago I had been reminded of a time I spent with my cousins in a pizza house somewhere in California. Unfortunately I can no longer recall in which city we were in but I can vividly remember one of my cousins pour lemonade and unsweetened iced tea into her cup and blurted "Arnold Palmer." Of course I misunderstood her the first time and eventually learned that she was talking about the name of the drink.

That was a great way to learn things but in other situations, it can be a bit embarrassing. On another occasion with my ex-colleagues in Atlanta, I was caught off-guard when the waiter asked me what kind of bread I prefer to go with my sandwich. I like bread since time immemorial but had never learned to choose which kind of bread I like - rye, whole wheat? I wasn't sure if I just said white bread. But I survived that day with more wisdom.

I feel a little bad about leaving the little mermaid still unfinished in my drawing book and left her tucked for a few more days. I want to talk more about which colors I prefer to put on her background but right now I am very much distracted with the music playing in this cafe. John Legend wants to give all of him. I do too. I have to stop here and listen.

And by the way, I had not talked to anyone in this cafe so the title might be a misfit. Except of course for the cashier and barista who apologized for taking forever to make my mocha. That probably explains the heart in the foam.

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