11 May 2014

Unorthodox Love

There was a boy with chinky eyes. Anyone might think that he was just another random boy you'd meet in high school. But no. I had expected that he would ask me to dance though I was being unreasonable. My delusions kept me silent while he wore a big grin on his face and asked someone else to slow dance with him.

Many years later, he took my hand to lead me to the dance floor. The red blush on my cheeks was not obvious and I thank the dimly lit dance floor for that. Though he didn't really dance with me, the brief moment of his hands on mine left an electricity that kept me alive that night.

So you fell in love with someone else and I too. And so many others came and went. Silently I had hoped for my own happiness and yours too the same way I do for my family and my best friends. Years passed and life didn't seem to be so perfect as we once thought it was.

Then again we spoke and spent time like old friends do. Everything seem to have changed except that you are the same person I saw in that boy with the big grin and chinky eyes. We know about each other too well but it doesn't change the way I see you.

I hugged you so tight and after that I understood. Because it has been written in the stars. Like the constellations, we hardly ever changed.

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