17 May 2014

The Spoliarium, waterfalls, and its effects

Who would have thought that visiting the National Art Gallery in Manila would bring me to Europe? The Spoliarium greeted us and instantly turned me into a dwarf, if not an insect, when we entered the hall. Juan Luna's world class painting left me spellbound. There was another painting of his of a lady sitting in a cafe called The Parisian Life. The artist made me feel that Rome or Paris was just right next door.

From another Filipino painter named Fernando Amorsolo, there was one that attracted me of two ladies doing laundry in a river. This reminded me of a time long before tourism conquered. I saw a similar scene when my grade school class went for a trip to the waterfalls in Iligan City. There they were, ladies washing clothes in crystal clear waters while I was dumbfounded to see the majestic Tinago Falls in their midst.

It was my friend Brennan who recommended the trip to the art gallery and I thank him for bringing me and my foreign friends there during my short transit in the metro last year. So I've learned that museums are certainly one of those places worth visiting. I am pretty sure that somewhere in the back our heads, Europe is definitely a travel destination in the future if not today. For now, a painting will suit me.

So I wonder, what makes people want to travel to Europe? It must be the pretty ladies in fancy outfits and cute cafes. But I also wonder, what makes people want to stay? It must be the waterfall.

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  1. I think the National Museum is now my favorite place in Manila. Aside from the A/C, I especially like the paintings at the National Art Gallery. But should you find yourself back there Kim, drop by the Museum of the Filipino People (which is just at the back/adjacent to the latter building). There you'll see great archaeological finds/relics that suggest that there is already an advanced civilization that existed in pre-colonial Philippines.

    And by the way, it is always my pleasure to meet up with you, for coffee and whatnots. :)