03 May 2014

Cafe talk: My occasional visitors

At 5AM there seem to be not much but the horrors of Facebook. I wish there was a 24/7 bookshop so I could run to it like a safe house. My heart has been a bit broken when I left one of my unread books at the airport on Thursday night and last night the shop closed on me while having my much needed artery-clogging fried chicken dinner at a not-so-fast food chain.

It is too dark in here even when my clock says it is a minute more than a quarter past six. I came from a place where the sun rises early.  I have lived for almost four years here south of the Malaysian peninsula but I still not have gotten used to the late sun. It is not pleasurable for me to hit the warm showers while the sun is still out. Unfortunately the job calls every morning so it is a must to drag oneself from the comfortable sheets.

So it is also a bit unfortunate that only Facebook seem to be active in the dark hours. My much needed hiatus proved to be good since it gave me a spotless mind for at least a week. But I could not be away for too long since my family and friends have started to wonder about my suspicious digital absence.  It is as if I have died in one dimension. But then I am very much alive in other virtual places and so much more in my real life. I always find it inviting to invoke a temporary digital absence after being disturbed by the uncontrollable evils of social networks.

Last Thursday night, I went to meet one of my old friends again. This time she has a cute fringe and a more manageable short hair. She wore a blue scarf which by all means made us look a little displaced. The Filipino waiter at the restaurant had been addressing us in English because he thought we were Chinese. To his relief, he switch to the national language when he realized we all were from the same country. I took photos of the food from my digital phone which I tried not to do anymore but my friend hinted that she wished to have more than a selfie. So I made a collage, uploaded it to Facebook (yes, you read that right), and tagged her. She is amusing at times so little things such as this I could not refuse.

Shortly before tea, she was heartbroken when she saw the old people cleaning up the tables in the restaurants. Right there she said that Singapore is not for her. She once helped an old lady clean the airport toilet in China. It must have been confusing to others what her kind heart dictates her to do.

Over chamomile tea, we talked about so many things most of which was about me. She said I never looked this happy and sure before. I was grateful to hear that from an old friend who knows so much about me. We also talked about the people in the airport who were in huge groups like schools of fishes waiting for their flight home. They were no different from us who also longed to be home except that my friend is lucky enough to be flying home sooner. Her decisions to move out of the country seem unreasonable for now. She has everything one would certainly both need and want.

So I do have all these occasional visitors - an old friend, Facebook horrors and this other person I would like to call LOML. Excuse me for the acronym but I fancy it. I will talk about the love of my life most certainly but not right now. He deserves a more special than just being at the bottom of this post.

The sun is out now. Breakfast sounds good. Rise and shine everyone!

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