25 April 2014

The Holy Week: Self-reflection and a time for old friends

This was going to be a sentimental post but God knows I am happy so I will skip the drama and rush on to talk about all the lovely things that happened during the Holy Week. Yes, I said lovely. I have not been open about being romantic but I am pretty sure I am.

On Palm Sunday, I went to one of the old churches in the city to attend the liturgy. I am often unreasonable in choosing my house of worship but cracked ceilings, peeled paints and not so comfortable air-conditioning systems remind me that God exists everywhere, even in the darkest pit. And so when the mood is perfect, I do not mind having to wake up early to take an hour-long train ride as long as it makes me feel good. I always believe good things never come easy.

During the sermon, the priest reminded everyone that we feel forsaken, but we are not. That there is a big difference between your feelings and the actual state. I believe him. I like the feeling of being disturbed after a holy mass because it makes our complicated life easier to accept. 

The rest of the days from that Sunday until the morning of Maundy Thursday was a blur. Things only became crystal clear when the love of my life showed up in front of me that afternoon at my workplace. I hugged him tight and kissed him. It felt wonderful. Instinctively there was a smile plastered to my face which was hard to rub off.

On Good Friday, we met with old friends from high school. It felt good to see them all grown up horizontally and vertically. We had mostly seafood for dinner which pure coincidence since Catholics are supposed to abstain from pork on holy days. Though I would say the delicious dinner made us not abstain from anything but I am pretty sure the Lord knows our choice of sacrifice.

We had one little guest which was the source of amusement that night. He was so engrossed with his Bumblebee Transformer toy which his parents finally bought after staring at it for too long on one of the tables of Chinatown's street vendors. We joked about borrowing him from his parents for a night but he surely wanted to spend every moment with his mom and dad. Later over coffee, he scooped out the coffee beans on display and gave it to us so we could make our own hot drink.

The night felt long but in a comfortable way. We cherished about the old days and laughed about the innocent times. It has been a while since I enjoyed an honest and funny conversation with old friends who used to be just kids running around the green grass in the school grounds.

So we went home that night with sparkle in our eyes. Indeed, we were once just little children who were only interested about playing on dirt or listening to how far a projectile lands in physics class. We look wiser now with our desires to love and live though the recesses of our hearts demand to say that we are still young children who always see the good things in life.

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