03 April 2014

Nostalgia: Winter and orange sunsets

Today is one of those days when nothing seems to fit, not even me in my workstation. So there is that urge to remove myself from the picture instantly. Facebook makes things worse and the only solace are those wonderful memories. And so I brought myself back to the year 2009 during a trip to Northern California and Nevada.

The snow-capped mountains where visible from where I sat. There were no words to describe how I felt the first time I saw them through the car window. I persistently took photos though all of them came out blurry. Growing up near the equator, snow once existed only in dreams at night if I was lucky enough to remember them in the morning.

We went past a lake before we reached Reno. My family was crazy enough to stand outside with the freezing wind chill just to have a photo taken. I would say most of us were tame though a lot could happen in one night in the casinos. My uncle lost sleep and money when morning came so he stole a few hours of nap time while the rest of us were having breakfast. Meal was heavy and the rest was like a trance while on the road back to Vallejo.

My eyelids started to fall as my energy levels were dropping too. Half awake, I could see the sun smearing across the sky like an orange paint. It is hard to tell sometimes if that weekend was just a dream. If it was, I didn't want to wake up from it. I still don't want to.

The drive:

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