05 April 2014

KU DÉ TA Singapore: Be on top and skip the fee

In general, being a tourist in Singapore is expensive especially when you want to hit the clubs or have a bird's eye view of the city. But if you know where and when to go, then you are one of the lucky few. The KU DÉ TA club lounge is open for free to anyone of the party age before 9 PM everyday. There is no need for a dress code which is good news for those who are on a quick tour of the tiny city. For females, it is even better news because entrance is free even after 9 PM.

The tip is to head to Tower 3 of the Marina Bay Sands hotel where the access to the SkyPark is. Tell the concierge that you and your friends want to go to the club. They will give you a pass after which you will be lead to the elevator. Press number 57 and don't leave your confidence on the ground floor. Get a stamp if you haven't and grab an empty seat even if there is a "RESERVED" sign because if it is empty and doesn't have a name then it means nobody is going to kick you out any time soon.

Order a beer, wait for the sunset and just enjoy the view. If you arrive after sundown, the view is as exhilarating as well. You just need to relax and have quality time with friends and family. The music, the strobe lights and your vodka sunrise will take care of everything else. Do mind the tab because every liquid that flows into your esophagus is not free. Pass this tip and enjoy!

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