26 April 2014

Easter: Good food and a lovely time

So my ideal vacation is actually when I am off the grid and that I don't have to check on my phone or expect anyone to contact me at all. Because that would only mean that I am enjoying every moment of it. Easter Sunday and Monday was what exactly happened.

Sunday started early with a pitch black sky. The thought of dragging ourselves out of bed was already exhausting and more so doing it. We took a cab because a train or bus ride sounds a little inconvenient though we barely brought anything except for ourselves and clean clothes for the next day.

There was nothing highly recommended in Batam, Indonesia as I've heard. But that morning everything was nice and exciting especially that I was travelling with someone I love so dearly. The fact is, it is not the first time we've traveled together. But every time it happens, it has always been a pleasure.

Breakfast was as quick as downing one glass of water because of my confusion with time. Turns out we had a lot of time to carefully munch our sandwiches and chit chat. The ocean was not as lovely as those I have seen in my country but then again nothing seem to be less desirable with the right companion. The ferry ride was bump-free and quick. We crossed the border in no time.

Most of the day in Batam was just hopping from one spot to another, either for cultural exposure or shopping. There was this one show where a guy tore off the coconut husks with his teeth. We both waited for him to crack the shell open and drink the coconut juice but that never happened. Our slight disappointment was compensated with someone jumping through a hoop of fire though it was nothing close to the danger a fire dancer might take. The sky was overcast but nonetheless the mood remained light.

Our hungry stomachs were teased with the trips to the chocolate factory store and the bakeshop where they made the lapis or the famous Indonesian layered cake. For both visits, food tasting was enough. We had enough patience to wait for the lunch buffet which eventually came.

Lunch was very close to a typical Filipino buffet but with more spice in the dishes. I do not know the Indonesian terms but there was chicken soup with rice noodle though I prefer glass noodles in it. There was another tasty noodle dish which I assume was also made of rice vermicelli, soy sauce and some red chilli in it. The flavourful crispy deep fried chicken was also irresistible and we were a bit unforgiving for taking out mostly the mid-joint wings from the lot.

After lunch, the mood was sleepy but the rest of our company in the day tour remained alert about shopping. We were not in the mood to shop so we let time pass us by with our eyes closed. Time went by so quickly and dinner came to us beside the hotel swimming pool. There was a multi-generation family watching over their one and only child who was scared of the water. Across the pool was a gym and there was at least a couple of men running on the treadmill and watching the water across the glass.

We swayed on the swing with our feet off the ground while waiting for our ridiculously expensive dinner. We paid for burger and sirloin steak in hundreds of thousands of Indonesian currency. But the actual conversion to the American or Singaporean dollar is actually just reasonable. Again, food was delicious and it was chilled banana split just before we stepped into the ice cold pool water. That explained why the little kid couldn't let go of his dad when they forced him to swim.

Morning came though we did not see the sun rise slowly. Light came into the room abruptly after the curtains were drawn. Breakfast was another delightful time. The spicy mackerel dish was my favorite but the rest of it was also good. French toast was on top of the list too along with the creamy scrambled eggs, fried rice, and my ever simple soft bun and butter. Orange juice was much needed  for energy.

The last meal at the ferry terminal, however, was disappointing because the chicken was bland and it took forever to have the restaurant to serve it. It said Unique Fried Chicken but we wondered if the lack of taste made it unique. The last interesting edible piece before the ferry ride was the bottle of sweetened tea which went straight down the food passage.

We arrived back at the Singapore border with a lot of daylight left so we walked to Sentosa island across the harbor. A little trip to the top of the trees on a skyride was the first thing in mind. After which, a relaxing walk on the beach satisfied our toes. Beer was refreshing on the beach front while we talked about today and and the future. All of which seem to be just happy thoughts.

We found ourselves for dinner in Jollibee. The joy from that crispy golden fried chicken was of much necessity after the last meal in Batam. Silence fell on us as we both dug into thick gravy sauce and white steamed rice. The decision to visit the book store was effortless and we stayed until shortly before the store closed. The day ended with coffee in our favorite spot in Orchard. We both didn't want the day to end but we also both knew that the sun has to rise again the day after.

So if you noticed, I am lousy at remembering names of restaurant, places and even dishes. This is nothing of a guide but a memory of a wonderful company. When I am having the best time of my life, I usually don't care about the literal details. I also failed my camera again but I'm glad my eyes never failed me.

It was a lovely Easter even though we missed the liturgy. God knows we were in heaven on those two days.

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