27 April 2014

Coron, Palawan: Well fed but unfriendly with the fishes

Food is certainly not to be missed when I travel. I believe that well-fed travelers always have the best time. Good food does not have to be expensive so it is never an excuse to cut the budget for lunch. During our trip to Coron, Palawan, all of our dining needs were provided by the diligent cooks in Mommita's home. We didn't want to worry about breakfast or dinner so we let the lodge take care of it.

On day one, we certainly had pizza waiting at the table but that was not concocted in the kitchen. It was enough energy to climb the highest peak in Coron. Everyday, we had fresh catch from the sea but we also had a good variety of other Filipino food. Rice was unlimited so only the conscience could stop me from putting another scoop into my mouth.

During our vacation in Coron, we were certainly not best friends with the fishes. But I am sure they understood.

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