03 April 2014

Boreal, California: Snow sled or make balls

This is another nostalgic post. I will be blogging like a maniac until I have gone through all of my photos for this particular snow vacation which actually happened only once in 30 years of my life. I do hope I get another vacation like this. For now, it will just be in the idea book.

I have to warn everyone, myself included, about snow sledding. It seemed like a easy sport but with a vision that fails the 20/20 standard, it might be a little tricky. The very first time I did it, my glasses went flying into the heap of soft snow and took us some time to recover my specs. Wearing glasses was a total fail so contacts and some goggles would be a better choice.

The advise is, try and try until your happiness bar is all green or until you are exhausted laughing about being thrown away into the snow. If you think sledding is too scary, you can resort to just watching the pine trees, building a snowman or hugging the snow if nothing else works. It is also a great opportunity to make balls, if you have none of those yet.

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