09 April 2014

Birthday thoughts: Grateful at 31

So this post was supposed to have more substance but the irresistible warm sheets on my bed lured me like a siren's song last night. I dropped dead on my bed after being in cloud 9 for the entire day.

The sun is up and the rays are making everything warm so everyone is sweating and barely breathing inside the train cabin. This is how I feel everyday when I commute in sunny Singapore. Despite that discomfort, there are a lot of things to be grateful for, one of which having turned 31 and still whole.

Yesterday on my birthday, friends and family greeted me in the first few minutes after it struck midnight, in the morning when I woke up, while I was at work, while munching lunch and practically the entire day. The surge of positive ions kept me vibrant and excited.

Dinner turned out as planned though it was as simple as having pasta, brownie and tea at a coffee shop. It was very similar to last year's celebration except that this time I also had a heaping bowl of hope, certainty, answers to my prayers and most of all that kind of love I had been looking for.

I'd say I got lucky. But really, I've always been lucky. That is another one of the million things I am grateful for.

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