08 April 2014

Birthday thoughts: A few high notes about today

Apparently I had too much pixie dust on me from last night's Disney fairy movie. I couldn't keep my mind on the workstation or in the lab. If I were a ball-jointed doll, it would only be appropriate to attach my head to a balloon and leave it floating high up in the ceiling towards wherever there is an open window or crevice for a great escape. Where the rest of my body parts lie is irrelevant but of course a comfortable bed would still be irresistible.

This morning Facebook did not send me a greeting but Google did. On my Google start page was a cute doodle of cakes which I wished were not just pixels. When I hover over it, it said "Happy Birthday Kim!" Awww, it is actually so nice even if it is just from a virtual machine. LiNa from Jobstreet greeted me too. Sometimes I wish LiNa is a real person so I can thank her for diligently looking for a job that best suits me though most of her suggestions end in my email inbox.

I would say it is awesome to be celebrating your birthday in the 21st century, in the year 2014 in particular. I am only a few key presses away so anyone who remembers either sends me an IM, an SMS or calls me on Skype. Yes, Skype. Oh you just don't know how grateful I am for Skype though I have not given her a plaque of appreciation yet. So pretty much the world including the robots might know that today I have turned 31. There is a joke about enjoying the last day in the "calendar." Turns out my calendar doesn't have just 31 days in each month because I usually don't count days. I even forget special days sometimes which is really awful of me I know. But thanks to losing a bit of my privacy, even my Nokia phone reminds me that my guy cousin in California is also having his birthday today and my friend in Melbourne as well. Perfect.

So this post, as you've noticed by now, is plagued with positive vibes and a bit of nonsense. If the words were notes then they could be hitting the rightmost key on the piano and a few off keys somewhere. So far I am gravity-proof though a few things at work are trying to defy me. The hormones are also cooperating which is a good thing and I am so looking forward to having a warm cup of mocha or matcha latte and perhaps a warm brownie. It is all well planned in my head and I hope the rest of my day also is.

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