10 April 2014

Bantayan Island: Best friends and a happy stain

This is a story about an island in Cebu called Bantayan. But today, the story is about four young and free spirits who boarded a ferry to a beautiful island more than four years ago, played on the sand under the full moon, watched the sunlight break through the dawn, jumped on fine sand and screamed for joy.

Every time I visit this place in my memory, it never fails to give me that warm comfort which a hot cup of tea gives me on a chilly day. I was told that it is company that matters. Indeed, that is true. I have visited this island several times but I was happiest when I went with my best friends.

Somewhere between the full moon and the sunrise, there were tons of stories. We took lots of photos of the sea and ourselves. We meditated about how we would manage the next morning because we were short on cash by nightfall and the ATM machine was at least 30 minutes away from the resort. In the morning, we found grace in a the form of a new friend who decided that he pay for everything in exchange for our kindness and honesty though we had asked only for his friendship.

On our way to the island on Saturday morning, we almost lost life when our bus bumped into another one. We arrived safely in the city on Sunday night with more life and another happy stain in our memories.

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