08 March 2014


When we drift a little too far from the nest, we become somebody else we are not. Some people will like this new version of you, some not. Some people think you have changed, some not. Some people feel that you have become better, some not.

But no matter how far away you drift, you will eventually find your way back. The ride is a little tough, but nothing feels better than being home. And those people who know your natural state, are those that have always been at home, with you.

I used to think that I never had a permanent place. But I actually do. Home was never just an address. Home is a small box where I keep pieces of me. Home is where I can free my mind. Home is where I can be crazy without being ridiculed. Home is where I find myself most comfortable and where I can be nobody else but me. Home is where I long to be every time.

Home is definitely not a social network or the world wide web. It is that place that only you and I know exists.

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