23 March 2014

Boracay: Watch the sunset and go for a night stroll

There are a thousand other things to do in Boracay like eating, drinking fresh fruit shakes and even PubCrawl. We did the third one in April last year and a few days later found our photos on their FB page. It was pretty decent so nothing to worry about. But really, the thing one must really do in Boracay is watch the sunset. You might not be a romantic fool but it is just beautiful. On my first time on the island, the sunset was non-existent because of the storm though the sun did go below the horizon behind the thick grey clouds.

The Sunset

I guess in January there would be relatively less people than there would be in April, at least in my experience. The sunset looks perfect at every angle. From Station 1, there would be much less people. Further down the more touristy place, there would be more sails. So it depends on your mood. Everyday, try to be at different places when the sun sets because you will never know what you will get.

And I don't care if you have a fancy camera or a tiny phone camera -- just shoot. There is nothing worse than regretting not taking a photo just because you didn't feel like doing it. After the sun is out, continue strolling to the north or to the south. To the north if you like less people. To the south if you want to have good food.

Boracay at Night

So the night stroll does not matter at which time of year because everything pretty much looks the same after dark. Except of course during habagat when the winds seem to want to bring down anything standing on the beach which explains all those windbreakers.

There are "illegally" built sand art with which you can take a photo of you and the gang for a fee. Local children built them during their free time to earn extra money and of course to have fun too.

Everywhere you go, the lights are colorful and pretty and everyone is looking for a relaxing spot to cool down after a long day at the beach.  You can get goofy too. You can also watch the fire dancers for free because they are almost everywhere on the island.

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