23 March 2014

Boracay: Watch people or just chill

I am starting to feel that Boracay deserves a separate blog. But before I am tempted to do so, I will just continue writing here. I've been to this beach thrice and have a feeling it won't end up with the number three. There are a lot other wonderful beaches but they are just out of reach right now. Tiger Airways has started flying direct to Kalibo from Singapore, so who doesn't want to fly back home through this paradise?

If you are on a budget, buy beer and stock in your hotel fridge. Drink and watch people -- it does not have to be in that order. Sometimes, I feel the pressure of planning when there is a need for an "itinerary" because sometimes you just don't. You just have to wake up in the morning, take a peek through the window and not the phone, to guess the time. After which, you lazily get up from your messy sheets, open the door and smell the fresh vacation air.

A 12-oz beer bought from the beachfront can be as much as a hundred pesos. You would be lucky enough to spot a restaurant selling in the range of 35 pesos, which we actually did early this year. There is a place called D'Mall which is accessible from Station 2 in Boracay where you can find all the things you need - water, toiletries and beer. Yes, the third item becomes a necessity at times like this.

So after you've done your shopping and filled your fridge, you can just stand, sit or squat on the white sands and watch people. If you are a bit weird like me then you might want to take random photos of strangers from behind the trees or while you are having your drink.

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