03 March 2014

Boracay in January

Everyone knows that the sky is blue, the water is clear and that the sand is white in Boracay on any sunny day. On my third visit on the island last January, there seem not much left to do but watch people on the beach and have coffee. But even on my previous visits, this activity has always been part of the package.

Sometimes, I feel that very sharp and crisp digital photos of the beautiful beach does not justify it because it dismisses it as some other random tropical destination on a travel brochure. Because of this, I had intentionally added grain to my photos and wished I had just brought a disposable analog camera.

Boracay is not just about the picturesque scenery. To some, it is where they find freedom. To some, it is where they find happiness. To some, it is a story of a lifetime. As for me, it is a crossroad where I always either recover a piece of me which I never thought I had, or lose a piece which I never needed.

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