22 March 2014

Boracay in April: Tocilog and mangoes for breakfast

The prelude to my summers usually begins with the humid air, scorching sun and strong desire for the sea. A few days ago, everything seemed to fit except that it had started to rain everyday on this red dot. I still have that desire to see the ocean and taste the salty air. However, this year I won't be having my Philippine summer so here I am reminiscing Boracay in the warm summer breeze.

In April of last year, I brought along two Singaporean friends to that touristy long stretch of white sands. Shortly before that, I was crazy enough to get the lousiest hotel in old Manila and let the two foreigners walk the dirty and unsafe streets. But that is another story.

It was pitch dark when we left Malate to catch an early flight to Boracay. I am not very comfortable traveling before the dawn breaks but the driver brought us in whole pieces to the airport and so I decided to give him a generous tip.

The flight to Caticlan, Boracay went earlier as planned since they put us on a much earlier flight for reasons I didn't know. We couldn't refuse that so we went ahead and boarded the plane. The details are a bit blurry by now but several bumpy and wavy rides in public transports later, we reached the beach in the morning light.

As usual, the beach looked perfect under the bright sun. We walked for a bit and noticed that the sun was in a hurry to get above our heads so we went for a break. I had wanted to have breakfast by the sea but caught myself in an air-conditioned café. This is what you get when first world tourists meets tropical beach. Not bad. I had my Tocilog while my friends decided to go for pancakes. Ripe mangoes were served of course.

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