23 March 2014

Boracay: Go parasailing and get high

My friends and I had a bumpy banana boat ride which I wanted to end abruptly because the water splashing on my glasses started to cloud my vision and it felt like I was going to be thrown into the ocean no matter how tight my grip was. Every time we hit a big wave, it felt like somebody is going to be thrown away and be run over by boats.

Turns out I cannot deal with water sports quite well. It reminded me of that sore feeling of being thrown into the deep water multiple times when I tried knee boarding in my hometown. I prefer to swim free underneath the water or better yet, fly high above it. 

I shared my parasail ride with two other friends. We spent at least 20 minutes floating in the wind and trusting our lives to a string and a fast craft that looked like a tiny insect from where we were. We could see the entire island of Boracay from our elevation and the surface of the water looked solid blue with white dashes moving all over it.

There was creaking sound from where the hinge of my harness connects to the parachute. For a second I had imagined free falling to the surface of the ocean and hitting it like how a rock hits the hard ground. But the sound of the blowing winds was much stronger which silenced the scary thoughts of free fall. 

I did not bring my camera nor did I decide to shoot from the top. What I have is a perfect memory of me and my friends up in the air where there was nothing to do but enjoy the feeling of bliss.

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