23 March 2014

Boracay: Get on a banca and head to Puka Beach

Where there are fewer people, the water is cleaner. In Boracay, there are just too many people during summer time because the working force has a week-long break during the Holy Week and the students are having a 2-month break from school. Definitely, there is that urge to find some temporary peace.

Early in the morning, force yourself to get out of bed and ride on a banca. Go north of the island of Boracay to Puka Beach. The name does make sense because I heard that the sands of this island is made of puka shells crushed through thousands of years.

Lunch can be ordered on a laminated menu while you continue swimming in the shallow water. It felt like paradise, if this is what it is supposed to be like -- crystal clear waters, powdery white sands, blue skies and an infinite turquoise sea.

Some time before we reached this part of the island, we went snorkeling to check how our friend fishes were doing. I was too tired to get into the water during the second stop and almost fell into the sea with my heavy camera because the waves were a bit mad where we anchored.

The cold showers felt refreshing after being salted and baked in the sun, which my foreign friends contest since they always prefer the hot showers at any time of day. And do bring your disposable underwater under the running cool tap waters just to get rid of that sticky feeling.

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