23 March 2014

Boracay: Get inked and braided

You don't have to bleed to get a tattoo. I've had several pain free henna tattoos, the first one being a tiny lizard on my neck. You just have to be careful since the dye can stain your hotel towels and you don't want being charged for that.

It seemed that during my April vacation last year, there was so much time watching people get scribbled, having their hairstyle done or get a massage. It may sound unusual but I don't dig massages for myself so I went to have my hair braided. I initially thought it would cost thousands of pesos because of my poor interpretation of currency in my dialect. Everyone corrected me and told me it was only 300 pesos for a full braid. My other friends had half of their heads done too. But I've always wanted to have dreadlocks so maybe a cornrow might do.

I felt like a cool chick with the rows on my head. It was there for a few days and felt like my scalp was a few inches off my head when I decided to untangle it. The shower with lathering shampoo felt glorious.

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