03 March 2014

Boracay and the Spirits

My paternal grandmother passed away in January, but long after I had planned my Boracay trip. I promised to be there on her funeral so I had to cut short the vacation. For a beach bum like me, it can be quite sad but I would be sadder if my grandma's spirit would haunt me forever.

And so it took me and my brother just one full day and two nights to frolic on the beach. On the first night, after some beer and a stroll on the beach, we thought some cocktails would be the perfect companion to a sky full of stars. So we lay on the couches under the coconut trees with Tequila Sunrise in hand. My phone scoured for WiFi signal in the air but it was congested with all the people attempting to sign on to the world.

My brother had some other orange drink which name I could not recall but pretty sure that there was some vodka in it. The breeze was chilly which is normal in the month of January. We didn't see the sun actually rise the next day because tequila took care of it. The morning felt wonderful though after a long dreamless sleep.

On the second night was a fancy dinner at an Italian restaurant on the beach front. We went there not for the pizza nor pasta but for the ridiculously cheap beer. After which, some reggae music a few bars away from us made the night even better. However, when I listened to the songs, I longed for one person who I wished was right there with me. He was on the other side of the world and that night only a Skype call could pacify the feeling.

Kamikaze went down my brother's throat like a flame. My vodka and cranberry juice also felt like fire in my esophagus. There is always a compromise when we settle for cheap cocktail drinks because of good music. Even the Tequila Sunrise I had on the first night probably had mounds of sugar in it. I thought I had done better with Smirnoff No. 57, boxed juices and fresh citruses from our kitchen cupboard. Nonetheless, the spirits had to be gulped down if you want the music and the sea breeze to be cooler than they already are.

That night ended earlier than most nights I ever had on this beach. We had to wake up at first light since grandma was waiting.

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