25 February 2014

The Old Home

The new year has been filled with much emotion - both on my Roman and Lunar calendar. Yet, I have not written much here though I have written enough somewhere else.

There have been lots of love from family and realizations about life from recent deaths of loved ones. My visit to my hometown last January has turned out to be fruitful though I have not planned it, as I always do. I have intended to visit just the beach for my annual seawater and sand ritual but I was needed most at home. 

A visit to the old home where my maternal great-grandparents once lived made a lasting impression on me. I have not been there many times because I have moved a lot. My great-grandpa's immortalized fish still hangs on the wall in the remodeled kitchen. It seems a bit odd that in the old days, taxidermy wood be an interesting hobby. Nonetheless, he had at least one dead fish still living. I missed the huge windows in the 2nd storey, of which the lower frames sat as low as my knees. The huge mirror framed in hardwood was also gone along with the slightly intimidating vanity on which my great-grandma used to sit. Now the old home is just plain ceramic tiles on the 1st storey because the stairs have been removed. And where there used to be patterned wood carvings are now just plain concrete walls. 

In the backyard are tons of cats of which have lived generations since I was born. I guess there's really not much left but a memory of the old towering mango tree that used to stand beside the wooden home. From it once fell a heavy fruit on the roof and made everyone thought it was my late great-grandma falling through the huge windows once again.

My uncle who lives there bought roasted chicken for early dinner. I guess the place has changed, even the meals have. My late aunt used to cook fresh shrimps when we visited. I missed my late cousin's effortless jokes that made everyone laugh. He also had stories of adventures that stirred everyone's imagination. But he left too early without even saying goodbye. Beside the small road, he drew his last breath. My aunt's good cooking eventually stopped too.

Meanwhile, my uncle's daughter groomed his only grandchild. My niece has grown too big for her size and looks like Japanese, very much like her father and my late Aunt.

It can be a bit sad. But in the old home, I only felt contentment. We watched copy of the animated movie "Frozen" on the wide screen and waited for the sun to set. Everyone was full and happy.

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