29 December 2013

Christmas Eve: What it was like

This year, Christmas Eve was a little different. I was away from family though it was not the first time. I had been away from family on special days for several occasions and had started to get used to it. I realized I was almost losing faith in spending time with family and my mom would totally disagree with my choices. She had always made a point that Christmas is being together at home. I am coming home soon, I thought to myself. I will be home but not for Christmas.

The sun has not yet set when my sister, her partner and I reached Clarke Quay. It was a quick decision to have dinner at the local Hooters restaurant for Christmas eve. A few people would smirk at my choice for a grand night but it was just something I picked randomly out of my head. I'm pretty sure the ladies in sexy top and bottom, American food, beer, boats by the river and thousands other people walking around the place would be enough to amuse us. All those certainly did.

Other friends, both old and new, joined us for dinner. We chat, we laughed, we drank. The plan was to stay there until the clock strikes 12. And a few minutes before midnight, we bought the artificial snow spray from the cute lady and joined the strangers on the street in a snow fight when everyone started greeting "Merry Christmas." Not bad for a Christmas eve. We were all merry just as the greeting goes. More beer was a great idea so we moved out of the restaurant and headed to the end of Read Bridge where the rest of the merry people go. Beer from 7-Eleven shop was always the perfect follow-up though I think I did not drink more than one pint of beer that night. It was a very sober Christmas Eve.

I spoke with my brother who was somewhere in Manila spending time with a friend. Mom was difficult to reach since the air waves were congested though we have called her earlier to check how she was after decorating and lighting up the house. My dearest girl friend was confined in a hospital in Cebu so it wasn't a fancy Christmas for her though I could feel her smile through her voice. Then I talked with a special friend and where he was it was calm and it was a simple night with family. That sounded like my ideal Christmas and it brought me home that night.

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