03 November 2013

So That was Halloween

I did not expect too much this Halloween because several friends were missing but surprisingly I had a great time. Last year was also good but I spent more time sitting in my nice outfit. This time, there were more standing up and singing.

So I squeezed my costume, pointy black heels and accessories into one small paper bag. The same office gang planned to head out to the Helipad party at New Asia bar after work on October 31st. The day was busy but it felt like it lasted for just a few hours.

Before 7 PM we started putting on our make-up and costumes. Drank a few tubes of J├Ągermiester and drops of J├Ągerbombs along with a few bites of pizza. I felt a lot of pressure drawing on faces including mine. The good thing is that everyone I painted on was going for the zombie look so the dark eye gel does not have to be set on perfectly, except for mine since I was going out as a clean pirate. I call it clean because I decided not to put any blood or scars on my face, which I thought now would have been cooler. Anyway, we head to the club at past 8 PM after singing out loud to a few favorite songs.

Unfortunately the helipad was closed because of invisible rain and thunderstorm. We were disappointed to find ourselves just standing in a packed club. Reserved seats cost about a thousand dollars that night so that was not an option. It took a while before we found an opportunity to take free seats at the corner. People barely danced and I guessed I had most of my attention at cool looking people and checking out Facebook. It sounded like the night was failing so we decided to leave before 11 PM. We were surprised to see that the queue to the party spilled out to the streets even if most people were already heading home.

Our party continued of course over home-cooked spaghetti. Tea candles were alight and friends gathered around it having a nice conversation and just being contented to be together in a mini-Halloween party.

It wasn't a blast but it was good enough for me. I was sober at the end of the night and we all went to work on Friday as if we were never somebody else on Halloween night.

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