14 November 2013

Colored Oatmeal

There is this tiny home with two rooms. One has a queen-sized bed while the other, a double decker. On my personal data sheet, my home address says I live here. However, I have lived most of my life in dormitories and apartments. The longest time I was at home were my two-month school breaks during my high school and university years. Strangely, I still call it my home.

In the backyard is a Mango tree that stood tall on fertile earth. We have buried a few of our deceased pet dogs beneath that tree and I remember doing that at least once and cried a few times. Whenever it rained, the earth would turn into mud. My brother, sister and I would pretend that those pools of water in the mud were dinosaur tracks. And as if our brains tuned in to a single thought, we started screaming and climbing the Mango tree for dear life because we imagined a T-Rex would appear from nowhere. There was no dinosaur cry however, just the roar of heavy rain. Then we all stopped to catch our breaths and started laughing. Now this is just a memory because last time I went visited home, it was paved so the ground is now hard and grey.

My sister kept the smaller room with the double decker interesting. Beneath the top deck, were photos of her. When I was home from the dormitory, I would lay on the lower deck to take a rest and all I could see were different versions of her. Because she loved sports, there was also a basketball jersey hanging from the "ceiling." Even the door to that room has her name on it decorated with a few stringed beads.

On some days, there was not much in the cupboard but boxes of oatmeal so my brother decided to make breakfast interesting. One morning, he surprised us with yellow and green oatmeal. I sat on the long dining table and felt happy that breakfast looked slightly different than usual. It tasted a bit different too.

Home is now a little lonely with all three of us away from it. Any day, I would trade writing on this page for screaming over invisible dinosaurs and eating colored oatmeal.

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