31 August 2013

This Weekend Started Early

This weekend started on Thursday when I and my colleagues headed out to this Japanese restaurant called Watami in Raffles City. I think it was the best Japanese food I ever had. Thanks to my girl friend at work; makes me want to SMS her whenever I need to hunt for good food. Raw meat never tasted this good.

I hate to disappoint people sometimes so we headed to the helipad at New Asia Bar after dinner. My girl friend promised me we exit at 9:30 PM and so I agreed. It felt good to remain sober for the rest of the night. There seemed to be more people in the queue this time. I was sipping champange but my head was stuck in some other spot in Singapore. Paulaner beer was served somewhere else.

The view from the top was breathtaking as usual though I could not remember the breeze this time. There were too many people I think. And time flew too fast. The next thing I knew I was home after an hour of standing weakly on the train.

Friday morning greeted me with a lot of freshness which was a good thing. I did the opposite of dressing down so everyone was surprised to see me working in my best clothes. The funny thing is that people easily judge you by what you wear and do. There is pretty much more than how a person looks and talks.

Friday night went fine and unexpectedly sensitive but nonetheless I was happy. There are no photos to remember by because the company and conversation were more interesting than taking snapshots. But I do remember there was a this guy on his acoustic guitar singing to Queens' immortal Hotel California song. That I should learn to play on the guitar too.

Saturday felt like a week. I ate a lot, sang a lot, drank a lot and even watched a movie. The caffeine is kicking now after having a lot of coke and tea.

The park below the flat was a bit empty in the morning. Coke in a can gave that cooling effect when the heat from the ground started to rise. Me and my sister played Huling El Bimbo on the guitar so many times until the fingers felt numb. I sang it it too but sounded terrible every time I sing the high notes and pretty much every other note in the song.

In the afternoon was a walk to the cake shop. Sister bought some stuff for baking and that made me want to eat a lot of ice cream later on in the evening. The idea of watching a movie came up while scooping dark chocolate.

I needed more energy to last me a few more hours until the movie started. Earl grey tea is not what I normally order but it seemed to be more attractive than a twenty-ounce thick hot chocolate. It felt like dark chocolate was clinging so tightly to the walls of my stomach that I wanted to wash them away.

It's past 3 AM on Sunday and I am still up. This reminds me of my Dad. I remember all his time-stamped long letters to my Mom where he talked about his life while he worked a thousand miles away from home. It's very random that my thoughts jump to that but this is how my brain works. And now thoughts of my Grandpa Ed telling me to write about my life. Guess this is what I am doing now.

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