04 September 2013

September 7

Dad would have turned 56 this Saturday if he is still around. But life was too short for him. He was shy of 34 when a disease struck him and died shortly after his birthday.

He was a brilliant guy who fell in love with a gutsy woman. His heart was his weakest point just like mine. Shortly after attending university, he married my Mom for reasons I might never know. I was conceived about 2 years later.

I do not have much memory of him but what I remember about him is music and art. He had a handsome face and he would tease me to kiss the short beard on his chin. I showed him once of a drawing of mine of a tree with a lizard. He was also strict that he just nodded and said it was fine. That time he was already weak and on most days he would sit on his chair staring on the horizon from the front yard. The house was on a hill so he could see the rest of the neighborhood.

I want to remember him this way - young, handsome and wise. But even those likeable things don't last forever. I am sure that he had promised to take care of my Mom and their children. But even promises of love we break. However, we must continue to make them even if the future is uncertain. Because this is what life is about - living, taking risks and hoping that things will work out.

I am departing for PI tonight to join my dear friends' wedding. In fact this is their second but this time in the church. Another brave promise is yet to be made and I can't wait to hear it. September 7 has always been just Dad's birthday. Now I am excited to have a new remembrance coming.

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