17 September 2013

Random Thoughts of Now and Last Weekend

The guitar was sitting on my lap a moment ago but there was not enough motivation to make me practice one of my favorite songs. Even my Mom knew it was my song when she heard it playing over Skype.

Chocolate wrappers are all over the coffee table as if I was not satisfied with the chicken wings I had for dinner. I checked in the mirror and there still enough room for my midsection to grow.

Last weekend was unforgettable but my hypothalamus keeps on playing back this emotion that keeps me hanging in the air as if in a limbo For some reason I am so sensitive these days. I went to the toilet and realized it is that day of the month. So that probably explains my mood swings.

Friday night was fun and it ended at 5 AM on Saturday. I am just glad the sun rises late in this part of the world. I had an hour of darkness left to doze off. I woke up at noon on Saturday though I should have slept more because of the beer from Friday night. I went straight to the kitchen where everyone was busy cooking for the afternoon party. Our dear housemate was throwing a baby shower. She is on her third trimester now and will be leaving for PI to give birth. Soon we will be one person less in our household which could mean this place will become lonelier.

Food was served at around 3 PM. I cooked just one delicacy. Everyone was full after an hour. Games were served as well and I won several tickets to the cinema. Guess my luck is in the movies right now. There were cheers and sometime before that was a nice chat with sis and friend over Irish cream. Our friend was confident to hit the high notes after a few drinks from the rocks.

After waiting for another friend to finish a bottle of vodka, we headed to one of my girl friends' birthday party. She just turned 30 so I couldn't miss this one. They waited for me to serve Jagerbombs for everyone. I wasn't so sure if that was a good thing. Impressions can be destructive and I remember just sitting in front of everyone while pouring the shots. I just had one drink. I have given up energy drinks for now because I feel my heart has not been normal for a month, literally and figuratively.

I felt tired by midnight. It could be the repetitive nonsense I was hearing over the air or my disturbed thoughts. Somewhere else someone was also having a party over homemade pizza. I also got a call from crazy party people who had expected me to travel south for a few beers. I was not in the mood but the spaghetti leftovers on the table was too difficult to pass up.

On Sunday I woke up too early. It rained and so beer sounded like a perfect plan. My sister was crafting for her kid's birthday party in November and I thought another pair of hands would be useful. I didn't want to think of anything but the zebra stripes I was drawing on white paper didn't help much in clearing my head.

Sunday afternoon became much shorter after I had a nap. A few hours later we headed to the movies to get some thrill. My scarf kept me warm inside the movie house though at that moment I felt really cold deep down.

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