10 September 2013

Judy and Dennis: A Wedding through the Maid of Honor's Camera Phone

My close friend Judy just got married last September 7. I had to cross borders and fly to Bacolod City for the weekend. On the day of her wedding, I couldn't carry my bulky DSLR for the entire time so I had to stick to my tiny camera phone. Gladly, I survived with just a tiny lens.

The theme was a starry night so everything was blue with a lot of sparkles. There were tiny angel wings for the little flower girls too as if they dropped down from the skies. The wedding dress was beautiful with all those glittering stones on the front and the bare back.

There were a lot of camera action before the wedding ceremony and I twisted a muscle after having to pose a lot. Everyone has to sport a smile in the video! Well that was not too difficult but I admit at first it was.

We were reunited with old friends when we arrived at the church. Of course the bride has to stay inside the car and had to check on her once in a while. By tradition, nobody has to see her before the ceremony but she was too excited and she wanted to be out there! After about half an hour waiting, we all walked down the aisle.

Finally, I saw the bride from where I stood. She was dashing and just ever more beautiful. She walked so gracefully up to the middle of the aisle where her parents patiently waited. She held her parents arms and walked with them towards where the groom was standing. Dennis hugged her Dad and he hugged back so firmly as if to tell him to take good care of his daughter. The groom kissed her Mom and then the couple retreated to their seats. 

I was standing there a few feet from where Judy and Dennis were. I saw great love that has conquered all. At the end of the ceremony, the couple kissed for the nth time. The feeling was light just like the balloons that flew to the skies.

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