29 September 2013

Happiness Started on Wednesday

There was this undeniable glow in my face when I saw the world from the top again on Wednesday night. Chilling at KU DÉ TA bar with friends after work wasn't a bad idea at all. It was quick and the chat was a bit too shallow though I think everyone had a great time. We left at 8 PM and I arrived home just in time for a late dinner.

Thursday was a bit unexpected. I have not kicked balls in my life but that night I did. My colleague took a very good shot of me and made me look like I was a pro at football or soccer, whichever word you fancy more.

There were some booze and chips to celebrate our colleagues' success in some project. And later that night, a bit more beer in a mug though I think that was already too much for me. I was so tired when I got home that I fell asleep immediately upon switching off the bedroom lights.

I didn't feel like going to work on Friday morning because my legs were hurting but I had to. I missed my break at work because of too much stuff to do. And by 6 PM I thought I was going to collapse. The canteen closed earlier than I thought. Good thing is the guys were going out for a nice Chinese dinner and I thought that was exactly what I needed - food.

I skipped the beer because I felt bloated and just had some nice home made iced lemon tea, my typical hawker drink. That is, if I don't get coke zero.

Met up with sis and her partner later and convinced them to visit the bookstore with me. We left with two books, both about happiness I would say. Cupcake recipes means happiness to me as well a thousand proverbs about it.

It was a good night. I was glad I ordered peach tea. Coffee would have messed my mind in a weird way.

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