01 September 2013

Free But Not-So-Easy Sunday

Finally I got to visit my favorite art shop in Orchard on Sunday night. Sister was looking for some animal print stuff for her daughter's party. I was more than pleased to bring her to Art Friend.

Across the shop was a small craft store with some handicrafts like the miniature chairs on display. I could not resist taking a photo.

Hunger kicked in a bit later and so we went to my favorite coffee shop as usual. It's funny how we can have a cheaper meal in an international chain store than in a local café.

This time the choices were interestingly neither a frappe nor hot beverage. It was processed tea in a bottle. Mango and peach do make good teas and I guess I have more options now. Skipping the latte should help ease down my fast-beating heart.

The palpitations kicked in late in the afternoon and I felt nauseated. Guess the lack of sleep from Saturday night did not help me with the early morning activity.

At about 10 am in the morning, we left home to get some groceries at the supermarket. I found myself among aisles of meat, vegetables and other stuff I usually don't acquaint with. It was a nice feeling to be reunited.

We had planned to make some meat rolls in the afternoon but the designated cook resigned to the bedroom after her heartbeat felt a bit irregular. I lay on my bed feeling my heart and hoping it would subside. I called a girl friend and she made me laugh. Oh it was all I needed.

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