18 September 2013

Cebu: A Day and a Night

I am unforgiving when I travel. In most cases I barely sleep and that means just getting a 2-hour nap on a 3.5-hour flight and that's it. The worst time was when I never slept for almost a day and my nose started to bleed. I had to endure it just so I could see the Golden Gate Bridge. 

My 1-day trip to Cebu was not very well planned. I just booked a hotel and that was it. Every else in between was random. I looked at my photos now and realized there is so much I could accomplish with just a day and a night.

I arrived in Cebu at around 4 AM on a Thursday morning. It was too early to check in at the hotel so breakfast at the airport was a good idea. The local rice snack I had been dreaming for so long was not available so I just ordered the next thing on my mind. Leche flan with chocote syrup was not superb but it was sweet enough to remind me that I was "home." Meat spring rolls was too oily and I thought I could have done a much better job. I was left with green tea which was always never a disappointment.

My friend met me at the hotel just before 7 AM. We were too excited chatting as if our last conversation in bed was just a day before that. It always feels good to be reunited with a friend who never seemed to be apart from you. We went crazy over craft stuff which I think are the only things that would make us eternally happy. Took tons of photos and felt as if we were in love with those yarns and buttons. I bet the resident next door thought we were a nutcase.

Buffet at the hotel was breakfast no. 2 for me. It wasn't the best but I'm always happy with just bread and butter. Lunch was very quick with just a cup of rice and a few toppings that another friend brought over. I dreamt of crispy fried chicken and I met her at the door a few hours after noon with just a tiny plastic bag with two tiny cups inside so my spirit dropped a few notches down. We were not so hungry anyway and I was glad to have another friend come by.

The afternoon was just about love, insensitivity, a box of Ferrero Rochers and of course laughter. We took a lot of photos of ourselves as if we were still in high school. It was fun to be young but it was funnier to think that at this point of our lives, we are still carefree.

We laughed like kids and squeezed on a single bed. We didn't have pillow fights but we just lay there satisfied. We felt light and happy as always whenever we are together. I love being around these guys. It makes me feel like there is nothing more I needed - not even booze or strobe lights.

About a couple of hours before dinner was pool time. I scrapped my hands at the rough pool bottom. It was too shallow and I had wanted to swim much deeper. The pool was nice but it was too lonely. The view was peaceful but we needed a cheerful mood. A flock of birds did fly over us and disturbed the peace. It was a good noise. After the sun went down, we suited up for dinner but fine dining was not in our minds. 

While in the cab, we talked about that restaurant in some fancy place. And in the middle of the trip, we passed by this familiar street filled with barbeque grills on the sidewalks. At an instant, we decided to stop right there, at the spot where we used to hang out during our university days. The place never changed. They call the place Matias and all those familiar lights hanging from the trees and those wooden benches and tables remained the way they were. It was wonderful to be back there, just eating grilled chicken, pork and all other stuff that can be cooked over hot charcoal. 

Karaoke and beer sounded nice after dinner but the place we went to was packed so we resorted to just coffee. It wasn't a bad idea since there was no crowd in the coffee shop on a Thursday night. We just talked and talked until one of our old friends finally joined us after a an interesting conversation on the FB wall. Nothing seemed impossible that night. Not even going back to the hotel past 1 AM in the morning knowing that I have to board my flight to another town four hours later.

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