19 September 2013


So it was Sunday morning and I barely had enough sleep. My boyish friend picked me up from the airport and we went to Starbucks for pan de sal and latte. She listened to me like she always does though she is very unconventional when it comes to caring about her friends. She is unconcerned about most things so at that time I came to her to understand why it is so.

The conversation was serious up until we both burst into unregulated laughter. She is actually funny but in a different way. We comfortably sat with my feet on the sofas and cared less about what everyone else thought in the coffee shop. Lunch hour was over before we realized we are about to skip a meal and so we drove to a pizza house so our other friend can join us.

It was funny how we talked about love and reciprocation. I realized that most things don't work when it is just a one way street. I have been in that street for so long and was just too stubborn to step out of it. Fried chicken on the table was barely touched and the very small portion of spaghetti seemed more than enough for us. Nobody seemed to be interested in lunch after 1 PM. My other friend left to resume her work at a tall building which stood forever in that park.

Late in the afternoon, we drove back to the airport for my departure. My friend stopped for gas and we briefly talked about her again. She rarely does that so I was all ears. She talked about her concern for her young and beautiful friends and other people's perception. I told her to not worry so much because true friends don't care about what others think. I assured her that. Then we dismissed the topic.

Then we both smiled and thought at past 30, we are still carefree. Guess we were still lucky in more ways than one.

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