01 August 2013

The North

The new place is much closer to the Malaysian border than my workplace. It now takes me approximately an hour to travel to work and vice versa. The commute home feels even longer if the thought of my comfortable bed teases me.

The good thing about moving back North is that I have a better kitchen that inspires me to cook pasta or experiment on a new salad. I also have my sister to share the food with. Nonetheless, this is closest to home because it reminds me of those mini reunions with my mom and my brother.

If I feel like dipping into the water, the public pool is just a few blocks away though I still wish it is right outside my door. The mall and the cinema is also walking distance so both exercise and leisure can easily be done together. I can hang out at the nearby Starbucks though I still prefer to have my tea and cakes somewhere central.

The place is a little big for me which is nice but also boring sometimes. My favorite place is the living room where the guitar is a resident. The strings only vibrate on the weekends since I prefer blogging on my back to the sofa on weekdays. Life sounds idyllic but it is nowhere near that. Everyday is hard work that is why we work harder on enjoying life.

The rain is starting to pour now and the cool wind blows through the windows right next to me. Sometimes air conditioning is overrated in a tropical country and the smell of the wet earth is more comforting. Tonight I have a good feeling about this place but a few days ago I was frustrated with my longer trips. It's either my hormones are bothering me a lot or I have not adapted to this place completely.

True that I am a lot farther from where the high life is now. But later is Friday night and I already have trouble resisting the blinding strobes and the sound of infinite trance.

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