28 August 2013

Starbucks: My Happy Place

Disclaimer: Starbucks did not pay me for writing this. I just love hanging out at this coffee shop.

The first time I sat in a Starbucks shop was with my closest friends from the university. Gladly they still are my closest friends. We ordered a drink or two and invaded the seats and the decibels in the air for the rest of the night.

I am not a coffee person so it does sound odd that I do want to hang out in a coffee shop. But coffee shops do evolve. I cannot remember exactly when I discovered green tea latte or frappe. This has been my favorite drink from Starbucks for years and it does not matter on which spot on earth I was because it does taste the same.

Now I've learned to drink cafe latte as well or even just a simple teabag in hot water though it may seem the price for a tea bag in a Starbucks shop does not justify the drink. As for the food, New York cheesecake remains to be on the top of my list and next to it is chocolate cake. I do love how they localize like when they sell pan de sal for breakfast at the local Starbucks in my country.

In Singapore, Starbucks is everywhere, just like in Manila where you might find one at almost every corner. That sounds exaggerated but it's pretty much how I remembered my visits in the metro. Even near the train station closest to where I live now, there are two Starbucks shops and I have to thank God for that. That means no more squeezing into one tiny shop.

I have been to too many shops here but there are just a few closest to my heart. There's one in Rochester Park where the coffee shop is housed in an old colonial home. I've seen the shop for the first time under the midday sun but didn't go in. I thought it was a special place and have wondered when and with who I would be drinking coffee with. Finally, it was during the night time when I first came in and it was just a happy time. I had no photo since my hands and attention were fixed somewhere else.

Starbucks in Rochester Park.

There are several shops in Orchard area that I frequent. Either with friends or family which mostly means just my sister. It is difficult to remember how many times I've been there. I would say this is the reason why my heart remains close to Orchard. Of course, other than that art shop in Ngee Ann City.

One time, it was along Paterson Road while talking about a friend's wedding plans. It was after work and I was out just in time for the sun to be sitting above the horizon. My cup of vanilla latte was warm and it was sweet because my girl friend bought it for me. Dinner was as slim as a piece of croissant because I was full of the laughter that night.

Starbucks along Paterson Road.

Once in a while I hang out with my sister when we have a lot of time to just walk around or sit. Orchard area is easiest to go to after buying Filipino stuffs from Lucky Plaza. It becomes family time when we start calling Mom and her kid over Skype.

Skyping in Starbucks at Orchard Point.

Even after watching a funny action movie in Shaw House, coffee time still make sense. We chit chat about how the movie went and review all the funny scenes. We waited until the sun goes down completely along Scotts road, checked out random passers-by and let other friends join the table.

Night time in Starbucks along Scotts Road.

Surprise visits from good old friends in PI also deserve an early morning breakfast treat. The shop along Scotts road won again this time. And it was so much better in the morning when you feel fresh and warm after an unbelievably almost-empty early morning bus ride.

Breakfast at Starbucks along Scotts Road.

Other times, it's still with my sister and we hang out at shops other those in Orchard area. This time it was in Vivocity was closest to the harbour where we had an unforgettable yacht ride. After being over the water for hours, we were reunited with our beloved croissants, pasta and frappes.

Afternoon break at Starbucks in Vivocity.

Not so recently, I have gotten my own Starbucks card which is now a constant reminder for me to grab a drink or two. It was pure coincidence that the interns who had worked with me a few months back gifted me that card. Who knew they knew I was a Starbucks junkie?

Singapore Starbucks store locator: http://www.starbucks.com.sg/store-locator.html


  1. 'fat good old friends' that is. hehehe :)

    I think I may still have photos of our SB moments back in Cebu. Most memorable for me was our post-dinner coffee with Rino at Banawa.

    When are you coming back to MNL Kim? I'll buy you a cup at the first ever Starbucks in the PH. :)

  2. I miss those Cebu coffee dates. :)
    Sure I will let you know when Manila will happen. It definitely will. Thanks! ;)