20 August 2013

New Asia Bar: 226 Meters Above Ground

A few months back, party was life and life was party. There is this bar at Swisshotel called New Asia where the resident DJ Victoria never fails to impress. At different times of the week, the mood changes but the lights and the beats were always groovy.


On regular weekdays such as Wednesday, there is not much to expect especially before midnight. People mostly tourists start to flock the place. I can only guess the hotel residents are the first crowd to be there. But the fact that the bar is located on the 71st floor of one of the tallest hotels in Southeast Asia is enough to call it a night.

It was a Wednesday night when a newly wed couple decided to throw a party with a JÓ“gerbomb domino. I missed the drop but I still had a chance to drop my own glass. It was good night with colleagues who were really happy to be out after a strenuous time at work.


Friday nights start late which is very similar to weekdays. There was not much people in the room until the DJ started to play. The view is still impressive. It was actually a Friday in my most casual attire that I first visited this place. It's surprising what a nice dinner and a few beers at the hawker can make you do - head to top of the world.

It was just mojito and a shot of tequila, each above 10 bucks. It was my first night there so shouldn't break the bank I thought.

Saturday surprised me when we went there for a fee and found a pole in the middle of the dance floor. There was not much room left for people to dance. But the fee was nothing when the lingerie-clad pole dancers started to climb the poles and danced to the guest DJ's music. Other people from the dance floor started to dance as well. The security had problems with guys but of course none with the sexy females who decided to strut their stuff as well.

Helipad Party

The ultimate party I've ever been to is on the helipad of New Asia bar which happens only every last Thursday of the month. It's not really a party for most people because we just stood there and chill 226 meters above ground with cool music and a beer in hand.

The official photographer did manage to get a few snaps of me and my company and posted on Facebook. I thought this photo cropped with just me is pretty safe. In it are other people who also found their way to the coolest party in Singapore. I am a bit biased because I just loved the wind on my face and watching the city lights from the top.

The rest of the night was vague after we decided to get back to the bar and met someone in VIP. Drinks flowed until past 1 AM. We had to get back home since work awaits on Friday morning. And on Friday morning, everyone realized they broke the bank.

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