11 August 2013

Happy Long Weekend: Judy's Bridal Shower

I was going to say the shortest but I prefer to say that this could be the one of the happiest long weekend yet. A few weeks back, I had no plans whatsoever about the the four-day holiday. Today is Sunday which gives me a few hours left to have a blast. But really I don't want to overdo things. I think I have enough happy thoughts to last me for some time.

My friend Judy's bridal shower party last Friday at the hotel was nothing I have planned before. It started unexpectedly with just me dipping in the pool. It took a little courage to don that tiny bikini which I normally never wear in a public pool. I felt beaches like Boracay is more fitting for such an outfit.

The rest of my friends arrived at the hotel a little late but just in time for putting make-up on and of course pizza. The cheesecake was white and red which makes sense because it was the same day as Singapore's National Day. Drinks were on the table ready for consumption but the bride was not.

We picked up Judy from Starbucks and brought her to the hotel where she had no clue whatsoever of the events that were about to happen. Sobriety was still in control of us so a little awkwardness ran through my nerves every time I took a bite of the pizza. A few drinks later, we were full and happier.

The music from the mobile phone was barely audible but we started dancing like the decibels were deafening. It was just us and our happy thoughts. I wanted to post more photos from that night but I felt it was somewhere in between rated 18 and mild porn.

Just before 11 in the evening, we headed to the clubs. The taxi driver was a little too friendly to let few intoxicated ladies into the back seat. We arrived at New Asia bar just in time for the DJ to start heating up things. A bottle of vodka on the table with someone else pouring the cranberry and orange juice for us was perfect. The bride was in perfect state as well.

We danced and danced and danced. Met a few other happy people on the floor and took some photos with them. The alcohol started to sink in so we continued dancing until the DJ left the booth. We squeezed into the lift with all smiles while we descended to ground. I had to recompose because the groom has to be in perfect condition as well.

The hotel room was dark and I had expected our other male guest to make a sexy move on the bride. We turned the lights on and we were surprised to see him sleeping like a baby in the sheets. It was the most hilarious surprise.

I ate a few slices of the cheesecake and then we left the happy couple to consume their own happiness. The last surprise was a little bit funny but still felt like one of the best nights ever. Seeing your friends in there happiest state is like being on cloud 9.

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