06 August 2013


The sun still rises from the east after a long night of booze. That tells you that nothing much has changed really. Most people love to drink because it relaxes them but some people do it to distort reality for a bit.

I grew up surrounded with much love. Along with that is the big family dinners in summer time or Christmas holidays where booze is always expected to flow. It was always fun to have merrymaking with the family because they mean a lot to you. Though it was not always a happy time, booze never failed to present itself.

Now that I have grown up and aging I would say, I find booze always in arm's reach. The world tells you it's not good to always drink but the rest of the world also tells you it is perfectly fine (as long as you don't turn out crawling and throwing up).

It's funny how some people react about that photo of a glass of beer you posted on your FB wall or those colorful lights beaming from the ceilings. What people do not know is that in at least one of those you were genuinely happy dancing to a trance.

Booze gives some people that light and happy feeling. But there is something else much stronger than booze that keeps you afloat. I wish to stay up here for now.

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