30 July 2013

Sis's 28th and Other Random Thoughts

More than a week ago, my younger sister turned 28. That reminded me how old I am. For a moment, thoughts of marriage and children went past my mind like a breeze. Right now, I am glad it was a cold and quick thought though I have to be honest it does light some fire from deep down. Back to my sister's birthday night, it was simple but meaningful.

One of my dear friends invited himself to the party which was the funny part but we owe him this one so it was fine. A cousin from my hometown joined as well. Dinner at the hawker was enjoyable. Steamboat fish head, cereal prawns, shrimp paste chicken and other delightful stuff graced the table. Conversation at the round table was kept to a minimum because everyone was starving. The unavoidable selfie happened somewhere in between.

We went up the flat to continue the celebration. Drinks were poured over ice on the rocks. Vodka still remains my favorite drink and I'm glad I've learned to drink it with orange and cranberry juice. Beer was served much later but stories of booze and travel were overflowing all night. My friend talked about his "manly" adventures in Southeast Asia. It sounded exciting and made me wonder if I would have done the same or much more if God created me with the male organ.

That night was long but light. Had a chat with my brother while my head went for a spin. I know he misses me and my sister so much. Manila is his comfort for now so I could not move him though I silently wish everyday that he would be in arm's reach.

My sister's birthday was just another usual but special Thursday which in some ways reminds me of a friend whose weekends start somewhere in the middle of the week. My week has just started and been fighting the blues until this morning. But tomorrow is going to be good because I have this vibe which I would like to think is always right.

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