28 July 2013

Week 30

I wish that titles are as easy as the numbers of the week. At work, we count the weeks and days in numbers so there it goes. But my life isn't just numbers. It felt like I've lived for months in just seven days.

Life still isn't perfect. There are still "what ifs" though I try to have less of it in my mind. Some precious things like my heart remains guarded. Though my beliefs have changed a lot, deep down remains the faith in all good things.

Life can't be better right now. It has been a while since I've really thought how lucky and grateful I still am. Friends,  family and all those little things that keep me going are still in my reach. So I have little to complain I guess.

Baking pasta. Little JL. Miniature collection. Breakfast at McDonald's. Apple tuna sandwich. Cafe mocha. Random Wednesday nights at Boat Quay. Free beer. House warming party. 

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