08 June 2013

Virgo: The Artist's Home

On a street called Virgo is where my maternal grandparents' home is. Though they left it at some point, my uncle still lives in the little corner in the backyard where there is another home - an artist's home I would call it.

I would say he is the only "artist" left in the family now. When I was young, I wanted to be a painter and I had that my photo stuck on the fridge with an illustrated artist cap and a palette. I grew up to be an engineer instead. But all those artsy things still lurks around me, everyday. It's crazy how one's true love clings.

A quick visit to my hometown brought me to this old familiar place. It is lonely now. There used to be us kids running around, laughing and giggling. Now I only feel peace and contentment, very much what I see in my uncle.

There are greens everywhere and his paintings sprout in almost every corner - even in my other relatives' home. The topiaries are young. I rarely see them grow old because everyone has an eye on them and always ends up in someone else's garden.

Oh I love the serenity in this place. Sadly I seldom visit this home though I would love to stick around a little longer. Time is of essence and other things cannot wait. For now, I will remember the soft sunset through the hanging roots. The cold earth from the bottom of my feet and the comfort that this home always gives me.

My uncle and my mom with some things they both share and enjoy....